From The Fell Line

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At the Fell Line

Welcome to “The Fell Line”! In weaving, the fell line is the leading edge of the fabric just woven. The fell lies nearest your next weft shot to be woven. Everything happens at “The Fell Line”, it’s where the weft meets the next shot of weft, where all accidents happen and where the “beat” takes place. The proximity of the Fell Line to the Beater determines even how the textile squares up. It’s the very place where the weft marries the woof. And, it’s also at the fell line where mistakes are best caught and corrected, otherwise a weaver may spend hours “unweaving”. It’s also at the Fell Line where the unweaving takes place.  In other words, the Fell Line is “where it’s all at” and it’s the perfect name for our Green Sheep Studios Blog!

“The Fell Line” will be where our “conversations” take place online. Where students can meet virtually. And, while comments are mediated, to protect against spam, students can share there weaverly thoughts, ask questions, and hopefully, find answers. We encourage you to join us, meet us, and show up at “The Fell Line”.



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