The Nitty Gritty on our Photo Property Rights


We admit that we have some of the loveliest photography in the weaving world. Much of this credit goes to our in-house photographer and director of media, Ethan Bruner. Ethan is an up and coming young film producer and talented photographer. We are truly blessed to have him on our staff. In the near future our students will have the opportunity to subscribe to high quality educational videos, from virtual weave-along workshops, to select “how-to” videos. The beautiful work done in the editing room and behind the camera is the work of Ethan’s. There will be more about that in the near future.

Having said all of that, we have to say also that our photos and videosaaaaaaaaaaaaa featured on our website, in our Etsy store and other on-line shops, and in our blog, “The Fell Line”, are copy right protected and are the sole property of Green Sheep Studios.

We know that our customers and clients and studios would never steal our photography to use or claim for their own purpose. Most often, people don’t realize the cost and effort that goes into producing these beautiful works of art, and that to download them and use them in their own electronic media or print is illegal and is stealing.

Please enjoy our photography, but like a painting in a Museum, leave it where it belongs… on our “wall”.

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